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Chameleon Purple Blue UCH-001
MOQ:50 rolls
• Self-adhesive back with Taiwan imported adhesive
• Air Egress Technology
• Lay-flat, bubble free installation
• Can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched
• Stretchable with heat
• Conform to contours and bend easily
• High temperature & water resistant
• Install Temp: 60F to 80F (16C to 32C)
• End Use Temp: -65F to 225F (-60C to 107C)
• Can be cleaned with soap and water
• Stands up against water, dirt, grease, salt, mild acids and oil.
• With excellent UV durability,outdoor/unlimited indoor
Thickness of vinyl film
• 200 microns
The adhesive
• Taiwan imported high-end glue
• 120g embossed siliconed liner with natural air release pattern.
Depending on the quality of the installation and usage.
• 2-2.5 years
• Elongation at break: 120%
• Textured surfaces: 78%
• Dimensional stability: 0.8mm after 120 hours.
Price of large quantity order will be adjusted depending on the quantity.
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Product Description

               Ultrawrap Chameleon Wrap Vinyl 1.52x30m/Roll          

Item No. UCH-001
Regular Size/roll 1.52*30m/roll
Film Thickness (with glue) 210 microns
Materials PVC flexible promotion calender films
Adhesive High-end glue imported from Taiwan
Release Paper Waterproof bubble free release paper
Color Option Normal style, Carbon fiber style, 3D special style
MOQ 50 rolls
Guarantee 2.5 years outdoor using / 5 years indoor graphic using
Gross Weight 15.6kg/roll
Packaging Each roll of specific size and length (linear meter) in 3" core wrapped with clear film and packed in carton. 1.53*0.14*0.15m
Stretch Rate 33+ Pascal 
Temperature Resistant -40 to +80 degree
H.S. Code 3919909000
Delivery Time 20 days after received of the deposit TT payment
Applications Car wrapping, gift packing, interior graphic



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 ultrawrap chameleon wrapping vinyl.jpg

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Ideal application temperature range is between 70º to 80º F (21º to 27º C). When possible, turn on your vehicle to aid in increasing the surface temperature such as for a hood wrap. 

Surfaces must be clean and dry prior to application 

When removing vinyl from the backing it is best to continuously spray both sides of the film with an application fluid such as Rapid Tac or a 10:1 water to mild soap solution to prevent premature adhesion of the kit to itself. 

Clean your areas thoroughly with a solution such as Rapid Clear. Use masking tape to test for adhesion. If masking tape curls up and falls off you need to continue cleaning. 

Ideal application temperature range is 70º to 80º F (21º to 27º C). 

Do not apply during periods of high relative humidity (i.e., when it’s raining). 

Surfaces must be clean and dry prior to application. 

Do not bend vinyl film back and forth as this causes the adhesive to wrinkle when applying.



Company Information


Factory & Equipment.jpg


Ultrawrap is a professional manufacturer specializing in wrapping and decoration materials which are widely used for vehicle wrapping, indoor and outdoor decoration, signs, and gift packaging.

The factory, firstly established in 1998, is located in Guangzhou,a metropolis in southern China. It has been a major manufacture headquarter for wrapping and decoration materials, and has built up its good reputation for outstanding quality and consistence in past many years.


Ultrawrap has devoted itself to excellence by using high quality film (5 calendered PVC film) and most updated texture embossing technology to make a very wide range of quality products which are user-friendly and enviorment -friendly. You name it and we may have it.

Ultrawrap has been recognized as rising star in past few years. Ultrawrap products have been sold to 37 countries around the world. It is our wishes to supply high quality and cost competitive wrapping and decoration materials to meet various market demands around the world.

To us, the future is always color with texture.


Our Services

                               Ultrawrap Service Experience                       

1. 18 years OEM & ODM producting experience. You name it, we can have it.

2. Factory strictly control the product quality standard

3. Ultrawrap can provide samples before order confirmation

4. Innovative Ultrawrap offers new types of design for customer each month

5. Your inquire will be replied within 24 hours.



Packaging & Shipping



 Custom Size Is Supported






Q: What is the guarantee of the films?
A: A wrap typically last for 2-2.5 years depending on the material used, conditions in which the car is driven, how much it is driven and where it’s stored.


Q:  How about the payment term?
A: 30% advance payment by TT for order confirmation and balance by TT at receipt of packing details before shipment.


Q: How many meters it needs for a car?
A: Please note that this chart is an approximation and is not to be taken literally. Please take the time to measure each part of your vehicle to ensure the correct amount of vinyl is purchased. Always purchase more to account for errors or wrong measurements.
For motorcycle, it needs 10’ (3m)
For very small passenger cars. Golf carts, small boats, it needs 30’(9.2m)
For convertibles and small coupes, it needs 40’ (12.2m)
For coupes and small passenger cars, it needs 45’ (13.7m)
For standard sedans and lagre coupes, it needs 50’ (15.3m)
For SUV, large luxury sedans and vans and trucks, it needs 50’-75’ (15.3m-22.9m)
For trucks, trailers and vans, it needs 50’-100’ (15.3m-30.5m)
For large trucks, buses, airplanes and boats, it needs 100’-300’ (30.5m-91.5m)


Q: How long wrapping a car?
A: Installation times vary according to the size of the car and complexity of the project. A vehicle with a lot of complex curves take a lot longer to do. You are looking at 2 to 3 days that includes the wrapping and a rest period for the film.
A basic wrap job if done by 2 people who have done it before takes 1-1.5 day depending on the size and difficulty of the vehicle.
For DIY guys who do it alone or with little help, give it 2 full days to do the job.
Due to the nature of the adhesive of the vinyl and the complex curves to which it’s applied, there is a 24 hour “rest period” after the application to allow the film to fully adhere to the vehicle. In this rest period it is best not to drive the car as the wind may peel back the vinyl before it can fully set. So, add this extra day to keep it excellent.


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